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PMH Tool 8 – Asserting yourself with “I” Messages

Dr. Paul Hauck, an REBT therapist from Davenport, Iowa, USA said that whenever you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, you have four basic options: Problem solve and assert yourself Tolerate with disturbance (get upset) Tolerate without disturbance (don’t get upset) Leave There are two basic types of messages you can use with […]

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#FeelIt2HealIt Training Videos

EQ4Peace 10 #FeelIt2HealIt Videos Tune in and explore how emotional education can create peace, power, and purpose in life! YouTube Playlist: #EmotionalIntelligence | #PositiveMentalHealth | #Peace | #EQRocks! S2E1, 11.4.2022 #FeelIt2HealIt Powerfully manage your inner world — your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions — and hear yourselves AND your relationships — in peaceful,

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Pathways2Peace Symposium – April 5, 2022

Creating and Sustaining Inner, Social, & Global Peace through Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI/SEL) The day was hosted by Matt Perelstein, EQ4Peace, on Tuesday April 5th (his birthday!) from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm PST (California time).  Eighteen powerful speakers gave us their best information on how to create peace inside and around us.  See the links

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5 Ways to Make Your Emotions Work for You

Every feeling begins with an external stimulus, whether it’s what someone said or a physical event. That stimulus generates an unfelt emotion in the brain, which causes the body to produce responsive hormones. These hormones enter the bloodstream and create feelings, sometimes negative and sometimes positive. So, it’s stimuli, then emotions, then hormones, and, finally,

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