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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the community building corner of the EQ4Peace Newsletter. In this corner, we will explore different concepts related to communities and community building. This past year in dealing with the COVID epidemic, we’ve all been challenged at different times and to different degrees by the isolation. We’ve all been pushed to grasp onto any kind of human contact we could find.

This past year’s experience has brought to light the fact that we need each other. Humans are social beings. We depend upon contact with others for our own nurturing & emotional balance. We need contact with others to debrief what life is giving us, to promote our own personal growth, and for gaining comfort, to name a few. We basically need to be with other humans at times just to survive and thrive.

This corner will feature ideas and experiences for people getting together, both during COVID and in its aftermath. We hope that you’ll check out this column in future editions of the EQ4Peace newsletter.


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