Introduction to MoodBoosters

We all have times when we feel down, especially with the challenges of the pandemic. Many times we say we are in a “bad mood.” A mood is a condition or state which is determined by our physiology, emotions, and mental state. We can sometimes change our mood by eating well, exercising, and managing our stress. Additionally, we can divert our attention to something fun and exciting, something that is novel. When our brain interprets something as novel dopamine is released which is the “feel good” hormone. So try something new and novel!

“If you’re down about something, step away from it for a period and do something else,” suggests Dr. Michael Craig Miller, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Sometimes we ruminate about challenges and spend a lot of energy about things we are finding are hard to manage. As Dr. Michael Craig is saying, we need a break from those trials in life that may be making you feel down and saddened.

How about a MoodBooster? A MoodBooster is an activity you can do to lift your spirits, lift your mood. It brings more joy, humor, optimism and hope into your life.  Some examples could be trying  a new recipe, creating a “masterpiece” with some of your art supplies, taking a walk around your neighborhood, or reading some cartoons.  We will share various mood boosters that you can try and share with others. Use your creativity! Even if you are in a mood that is feeling pretty good, you could still boost that mood even more!

We strive to share many strategies that will:

  • provide a break from your challenges
  • add some fun and novelty
  • bring more joy, humor, optimism and hope
  • offer activities you can share with others

We will hear from various people who have taken on a MoodBooster during the pandemic and want to share with others. Please look at the Guidelines for making your own MoodBooster.

Guidelines for Creating Videos for Website

Overarching EQ Principles:

  1. Make a conscious choice to add to the positive environment of the website.

2) See everyone as a valuable source of insight and expertise. Your voices and your stories are valuable!

3) Use visuals and language that are appropriate and help lift people up. Website creators will review each video and make constructive suggestions if needed.

4) Have fun and be creative!   

Let’s Get the Details to Create a Video!


We invite you to create a video sharing a MoodBooster you have done during challenging times, taking into account the Overarching EQ Principles above. A MoodBooster is an activity you do to boost your mood, lift your spirits.

 Example of a MoodBooster: You gathered some art supplies and created a masterpiece for yourself and others. It lifted your mood, you used your talents and skills, and you even lifted the mood of others!

Directions for Creating and Posting a Video

Using any camera, including a phone camera, videotape a message about a moodbooster you used that lifted your spirits.

1-2.5 minutes video

*What moodbooster worked for you?

*What supplies did you use?

*How long did it take?

*If you have another video that is a demonstration video, mention that in your next video you will share a demonstration and examples about your first video.

5-10 minute video

This video will be a companion piece to the original video that shared your example of a MoodBooster. You do not have to do this video. However, if you choose to do so, this video will share a demonstration of the full process of the MoodBooster and examples you can do.

Paste a link to your video in the Comments box, below. We will review the video and we’ll get back to you before we post it.

Please include your name and a short written description.

Here are some examples:

Making Art


Writing Stories

Cooking for Fun!


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