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Help us bring peace to the schools, work and homes of the world thru emotional education (EQ).

EQ is not just nice-to-have, touchy-feely ‘game’, anymore. It is powerful relationship-building, life-enhancing, life-saving, coping skills that everyone needs (and deserves) in order to survive, and even thrive, in today’s hectic world.

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Please share EQ with others.  Remember, it is the responsibility of those of us who know EQ to share it with those who do not know.  Most people have never heard of emotional intelligence, or even considered that they can be smart about their thoughts, feelings and emotions… so we need to let them know the GOOD NEWS that we really CAN manage ourselves and our inner lives, powerfully, successfully and peacefully!  🙂

You, first.  Work on you, first.  Become the shining light you wish others to be.

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    Hi Team,
    I am sakkunthala T currently in chennai working in IT – doing msc in counselling psychology in madras university. saw the post for session in american college, madurai. looking forward to improve myself in EQ and help others,schools, orphanages, institutes, everyone near and far me making world a better to place to live in and self happiness.
    Thanks for making this/
    Sakkunthala T

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