EQ4Peace Vision, Purpose & Mission (part 1 of 2)

EQ4Peace seeks to change the world through emotional education

Vision Statement
A world at peace with all its citizens practicing EQ at home, school, and work.

Purpose Statement
To educate people everywhere on the skills, language, and attitudes necessary to enable individuals, families, companies, organizations, communities, and nation-states to bring EQ, SEL & PE into practice.

Brief Mission Statement
The mission of EQ4Peace is to create global peace by cultivating inner peace (self), interpersonal peace (others) and social peace (communities) through emotional education (EQ) – worldwide.

Expanded Mission Statement
EQ4Peace exists to create global peace by cultivating inner peace (self), interpersonal peace (others) and social peace (communities) through emotional education (EQ) worldwide; helping everyone utilize and practice Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Peace Education (PE) skills and knowledge and accomplishing the following Lines of Effort (LOE) by 2039:

  • Global EQ Environment Initiatives
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation Initiatives
  • Acquisition of Needed Resources Initiatives
  • Curriculum Development Initiatives
  • Evaluation & Assessments Development Initiatives
  • Outreach Initiatives (EQ, SEL, and PE) Initiatives
  • International Coalition and Collaboration Initiatives

Our society is in trouble. Teaching solely reading, writing and arithmetic is not working. Our education systems focus on left-brain cognitive knowledge (IQ), while ignoring critical right-brain emotional skills, language and practice (EQ). We believe that ignoring EQ knowledge, skills and practices are major contributors to the ignorance, dysfunction, aggression, violence, physical ailments and mental health issues ongoing throughout the world today, to even include many aspects of war.

We have a better way.

We believe that the gateway to eliminating those major contributors is through the future of the our world, our children and their mentors and teachers. EQ4Peace teaches children and adults how to be smart with their heart, as well as their mind, by leveraging technology to provide training, textbooks, curriculum, tools, resources and consulting services to teachers, schools, districts and governments, to enhance and expand their emotional education.

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