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Education, the Path to Peace?

By Bill Overton, EdD. Abstract Our present world needs a paradigm shift; one that has co-existing peacefully as the main goal. While people from all over the world have different theories about the challenges involved, most can agree that education is at the center of making any long-term changes. Education has been touted as one […]

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Authentic Communication

I had to look up the term “authentic communication” because I’d never heard it before. “Effective” yes but not authentic. I like to think of communication in terms of effective vs. ineffective, or constructive vs. destructive, helpful vs. unhelpful, rational (makes life better) vs. irrational (makes life worse). First, I think you have to consider

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SEL & EQ in the Classroom!

      Hi everyone!              Welcome to the EQ4Peace newsletter’s first edition and to the EQ & SEL in the Classroom Corner. It will be our goal to give you information, tips, & activities relevant to the classroom in every edition.               My name is Bill Overton, EdD. and I was a classroom teacher for

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