EQ & SEL in the News- 2

  • 90% of K–12 school district leaders have already invested in social-emotional learning products, or plan to do so over the 2019–2020 school year.


  • Despite consistently significant medical advances and over 100 years of increases (pre-Covids), life expectancy in the USA actually dropped for 3 years in a row.    


  • A recent article in Educational Leadership by Robert Feirsen and Seth Weitzman reported that…

Dealing with conflict is part of a school leader’s job. How well you handle it can impact your improvement efforts. This brings to the forefront the importance of EQ skills and SEL in the schools.

“The reality principals confront in schools today is often quite different from the idyllic vision of teachers, parents, and administrators working together for the common good of children. Studies suggest leaders spend 20 to 40 percent of a typical workday managing conflict (Chan et al., 2007; Johnson, 2003)”.


  • EQ Beats out IQ in Tough Job Market

An article by CBS News found that:

  • 34 percent of hiring managers are placing greater emphasis on emotional intelligence when hiring and promoting employees post-recession 
  • 71 percent value emotional intelligence in an employee more than IQ 
  • 59 percent of employers would not hire someone who has a high IQ but low EI


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