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Bill first started working with children in 1973 at age 17. It was at that time he realized that a major part of kids was being ignored in both schools and at home. He realized that kids’ emotions and feelings were being overlooked. He could see it in their faces. In 1979, when he first started teaching in a classroom, he immediately created and implemented a program that soon became known to others as SEL. Bill has always been a believer in getting his students to apply EQ skills throughout their daily lives. His success in this area quickly became integrated with other curricular areas. This in turn has recently led him to publish his first book helping teachers how to make all subjects, including EI concepts, relevant, rigorous, and fun for students. It’s called, “Going Beyond Project-based Learning. His present interests and areas of study are creating trauma-sensitive classrooms and the importance of play for kids and adults.

Education, the Path to Peace?

By Bill Overton, EdD. Abstract Our present world needs a paradigm shift; one that has co-existing peacefully as the main goal. While people from all over the world have different theories about the challenges involved, most can agree that education is at the center of making any long-term changes. Education has been touted as one […]

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My Personal Beliefs about Peace, by Bill Overton, EdD

February 14, 2022 Dear EQ4Peace members, What follows is a summary of a few of my beliefs from a variety of peace writings I’ve read recently. They are my present beliefs in peace and in peaceful ways. These are what I strive to embrace as a way of life. I believe that most EQ4Peace members

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Guidelines for Conflict Resolution

Guidelines for Conflict Resolution Taken from Deepa Chopra’s, “Peace is the Path” Show respect for the opposition Recognize perceived injustice Believe in forgiveness Bond on an emotional level No belligerent actions Recognize values that are opposed to yours Don’t pass judgment and make your opponent wrong Don’t talk in terms of ideology Confront underlying factor

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EQ4Peace Club Guidelines

Suggestions for EQ4Peace Clubs A Few Suggestions About How You Can Start and Maintain Your Own EQ Club Goals:             The goals of EQ4Peace clubs are as follows: To learn and practice the behaviors of positive EQ & peace To support and continue the priorities and beliefs of To learn how to resolve conflicts of

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EQ4Peace Merchandise

Conversing On The Real: Authentic Conversations About Living Plugged In  By Heather Constantine LMSW-IPR and Deborah Havert     $ 43.84 *includes shipping & handling   Checks written to Personage Publishing Or:  “The Other Kind of Smart”  a book by EQPro author Harvey Deutschendorf Putting EQ to the Test: Using EQ to Prepare

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SEL & EQ in the Classroom!

      Hi everyone!              Welcome to the EQ4Peace newsletter’s first edition and to the EQ & SEL in the Classroom Corner. It will be our goal to give you information, tips, & activities relevant to the classroom in every edition.               My name is Bill Overton, EdD. and I was a classroom teacher for

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EQ4Peace & Innovation: Attempting to Help Others in Need continues to show its innovative side by continuing to help people achieve the life that they desire. We are keenly aware that life offers sometimes unbelievable challenges that we have to overcome. The COVID pandemic, for one, has been an extremely difficult one to navigate. It still is. Sometimes for a variety of reasons,

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The Three Components of a Comprehensive SEL Program

  The Process for Changing Classroom & School Cultures By Bill Overton, EdD. The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) movement is an extremely positive step to reaching and teaching the whole child. This relatively new way of thinking about students, and people in general, has been extraordinarily helpful to many in recent years. As a result of

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