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Hi.  Thank you for your interest in “Emotional Management” workshop.  You come to the right place.

  • Your Goal:  Peace.  Starting with Inner peace.  Peace inside you.  (Very simple.  Not so easy.)
  • My Goal: Take you into, and through, your feelings and emotions, so you can create Peace, inside and around you, from this day forward.
  • Our Goal: Teach enough people how to create Peace, that we can have Global Peace, for all us.

Our emotions are more important to our inner peace, happiness, sanity, and success in life than we ever imagined!

The good news is that:

  • The lessons are simple… I used #Hashtags to super-simply learning, and make it easily memorable.
    (for example: #NameIt2TameIt | #SpinIt2WinIt | #FeelIt2HealIt | #PurposefulPositivity, etc.)
  • The lessons are profound… some of them, if applied properly, will rock your world… either making dramatic improvements, or helping you STOP making clueless, self-harmful mistakes.
  • The lessons are permanent… you will be able to use what you learned here for the rest of your life… for free!  No charge.  Ever again.

It’s time to get started!  If EQ is new to you, or you’ve known about the amazing power of EQ (#ArtOfEQ + #ScienceOfEQ =#MagicOfEQ!) for awhile, I guarantee you will hear steps and skills that you have never heard before, some of which can, and will, improve your life, emotionally (and therefore, every other way!) going forward.

Remember, Emotional Management isn’t complicated… it’s not rocket science… but there’s a lot to it (and sometimes, it can be simple, without being easy).  I’ll take you through the basic steps, concepts, new language, and skills needed to understand, manage, and ENJOY your emotions, and yourself, from here on.

  • Join us.  April 1-4 2024 (next Monday – Thursday) for 4 90-minute live classes (recorded, too, if you can’t make, live!),

Please provide (your charitable donation) via debit/credit card, PayPal or Venmo at the link below.  Suggested Donation $100

Thank you.  I look forward to meeting you, and working you, with you.

Prof. Matt Perelstein, co-founder, EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc.
Email: matt@EQ4Peace.org
Website: EQ4Peace.org
WhatsApp: +1916 599 8597

Note1: 100% of all income from this class goes directly to EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc., a USA-based 501(c)3 non-profit, to help us teach the world how to create Peace, from the inside out.

Note2: We’re working toward a worldwide Peace Conference on UNESCO’s International Day of Peace, Sept. 21, 2024.  Have your own (private or public) Peace conference and network in with us!

Notes3: Wanna belong to our (amazing) group of loving, up, happy, powerful, wanting-to-make-a-difference teams?  Read more about the far-reaching initiatives we are into, then Volunteer to help make the world a more peaceful place.

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