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You may be wondering why I would start this article with a photo of dogs. First of all, I love dogs, and second of all, the photo relates to a MoodBooster that has really functioned as a “pick me up” to start my day in a positive way.

Some of us tend toward being positive thinkers anyway, however, why not have a MoodBooster to start your day that becomes a ritual for bringing joy, laughter, and fun to “set the stage” for your day.

All of you have rituals that you have found work well for you. Sometimes modifying those rituals can bring novelty to your life. Here is what I discovered as a ritual that works for me:

*First thing I have my cereal with fruit and my coffee.

* Before looking at my emails, I watch dog videos! I find that taking this time to see the fun, comical, darling dog videos brings a smile to start my day.

*I have found that watching dog videos even boosts my productivity!


Even though I knew that for me watching the dog videos boosts my mood and my productivity, I then did some Google searching about this idea and this is what I found: 

Take the time to read this article and find out more research about watching pet videos. Another idea is to start your day by watching human interest story. Or you could watch a dog or cat video that is also a human interest story.

Is it time for a dog video as a MoodBooster? Sure it is. Enjoy!  

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