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Homelessness and Mental Health is a sensitive and topical generating substantial attention in the world today. Homelessness is a universal problem,people with mental illness are over-represented among the homeless relative to the general public,and mental illness is one hugest of vulnerabilities. As no one factor is link for homelessness and mental illness,but among the factors are poverty,scarcity of affordable homes, truma ,yes! unemployment. Over the years, stagnation has been added factor,as addiction,misusing the use of drugs and alcohol abuse are pointers to potential poverty,mental break down which resulted to homelessness.

As I’m writing this piece the duplicated count of people with mental disorders and who are homeless in communities on a single night is a sad reality. Homelessness and mental illness are compounded and criss-crossing owning to the fact convergence with many other social issues,rolling with many communal criterion which comprises sexuality,class and race. Assocating the understanding with social work is a tested battle as homelessness and mental health has become discernible on the streets in the cities as well as in villages across the world.Mind you, today you can be homed tomorrow homelessness,mentally balanced ,next moments mentally ill.Life is so unjust in this sweet paradise. Social Workers across the world have been very exuberant in connecting with these people having these challenges by providing indispensable services to them in jails,emergency rooms, streets and hospitals. Everybody is important
I’m a Social worker.
Samuel Bungi kargbo,

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