The Myth Of :”Rape Culture”

The brutal rape and murders in Africa has rudely awakened many positive like- minded from apathy to shock about what the referred as common violent against women and children, but is must often ignored.Rape is a major human rights violation that affects women and children globally.Following rape many women experience long- lasting health implications including direct and indirect physiological and physical morbidities.Psychological effects include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PSTD) and other anxiety disorders rangering from depression to suicidality.The high risk of Mental Health Problems are sometimes linked to rape.

However,in recent times many news out-let have constantly made reference to something they tagged” Rape Culture.”The idea or concept has become specially used to describe and discuss the phenomenon of sexual violence particularly against women and children.The concept of ” RAPE CULTURE” shows that rape is crime against humanity.And what is called Rape Culture is in fact not a culture ,as rape is violence not seduction.

Africa has been on the lead of rape in the world.As statistics shows that someone is raped in every 35 seconds as one in twenty rape case is reported what a sad reality.For example in Sierra Leone with a population of Seven million has recorded high levels of sexual violence for many years as she still grappling with the aftermath of 11years rebel war in which rape was the order of day.An estimate of 257, 000 women and and children have suffered sexual violence during the war.

Rape is International catastrophe and everyone must play vital role in fighting this malaise.

Samuel Bungi kargbo

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