Study has shown a strong connection between ageism in the form of negative stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination towards older people and the great risk to physical, mental well-being. Very little is known. Occurrences of discrimination and responses to unfair treatment among these beloved people. A lot of attributes about where I am in between all that but I am delighted that the population to discuss about issue of diversity is old people. and it is of few population that its disadvantage that you may you will match into old age or you will die which is paramount, those are two those realities of choices. This is not calibre of a groups that you can omit their will not be a person who is this world who will not be influenced by these fluctuations that are taking the demographically with an aging population you cannot be neglect this it is very vital. I love older people.

Every individual in the society is special. Each person’s personality is a product of one’s nature and nurture. These people are faced with many hiccups and social role changes that affects their true sense of self and capacity to be happy. In certain quarters I had conversations about people dislike towards them and people have certain heard and that ,old people depress me I do not like them and we do it in terms of being our own cunning kind of acceptance of that set of core details so I tend bring is sort of teaser how is the entire idea or concept of social Justice seriously invaded to a height that we treat old peoples and way we are coming as this is unbelievable and unacceptable major force in the discourse about diversity of old age is a form of discrimination does allows and accepts. Where, so what had taken place overtime is it drips into our mind. We do not even notice how much that has become a major issue of discrimination that there is a growing population of the aged is do not we have heard this many times by 2030, one of out of five people will be aged over sixty-five (>65), but twenty percent (20%) of population of 20%. One out of the five people is everybody who going to be 65 years from is still alive and kicking why is a massive shock.

However, major disaster like the gray Tsunami kills and destroy people very fast, but old people do not that. Old people are vulnerable because of the physical, social and economic conditions. People have been working and all kinds of chances their entire life will lose some of those when they get older. Working with old people and attention and prerequisite offers to older adults it is a Social Justice is the foremost of all because it is purely human dignity and oppression and of illegal form of discrimination on the edges of age. Our society is sick what is wrong with one get old we reduce them to the level of substandard care that is human dignity also older people are marginalized, that is another form of Social Justice confronting on population that are marginalized also inequities affects life chances.

Finally, the issues of Social Justice when people do not get correct and proper health it tells on their life opportunities, when facing old age should not meaning losing control and we not be insensitive to their plight. What goes around comes around.


Bungi Kargbo

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