EQ4Peace Strategic Overview

Strategic Overview
EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc.
USA-based non-profit charity, IRS 501(c)(3) EIN: 83-3607189

Current State
Many of today’s social problems have been linked to a lack of emotional education. We don’t learn EQ in schools, and we don’t/can’t talk about negative emotions at home, at work or with friends, so most are left uneducated and have to fend for themselves, alone, afraid and in the dark.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) has declined for 8 of last 11 years. People feel less and less safe in their world. Many say that the severe lack of emotional education is actually the #1 biggest problem in the world today. People are dying, quite literally, to know what we know about EQ!

Emotional ignorance has been found to be a significant factor in most of our biggest social problems today: violence, abuse, crime, gangs, addictions, divorce, suicide, depression, anxiety, bullying, mental health issues, physical health, and war.

In the USA, the Life Expectancy has risen every year for the past 150 years due to advances in medical technology, food production and health awareness. However, over the last 3 years, it has actually declined due to 4 main causes of death (termed the “Deaths of Despair” by Nobel peace prize winner, Angus Deaton). Self-medicating, i.e. – not knowing how to deal with their thoughts, feelings and actions

  1. Opioid overdoses (drugs)
  2. Alcohol liver disease (drinking)
  3. Heart ailments (eating, sedentary and stress-filled lifestyles) and
  4. Suicide (clearly emotion-based).

The mission of EQ4Peace is to create global peace by cultivating inner peace (self), interpersonal peace (others) and social peace (communities) through emotional education (EQ) – worldwide.

We envision a world at peace with all its citizens practicing EQ at home, schools, and work.

When enough kids, teens, & adults know how to create inner peace, interpersonal peace and social peace inside and around them, this will ultimately lead to global peace.

Many organizations ‘promote’ peace, but through EQ education we can actually teach people ‘how’ to be peaceful on the inside, so they can also be peaceful with others on the outside.

EQ4Peace will be run and managed by a management staff, a Board of Directors, an active Advisory Board, paid contractors and Volunteers

As a non-profit, we will be funded by a small number of large sponsors who buy into our mission and support our efforts. I want us offer resources, training and services at no charge, where possible, or as inexpensively as possible, to the masses, without have to operate with our hand out, continuously asking for money and donations from individuals and clients. We give, not take. I’d like to be able to say to the general public, “we don’t want your money, we want to share how you manage your thoughts, feelings and actions, and we want you to share the magic of EQ with others. We’ll provide the resources. You provide the wisdom, compassion and love.

Income Streams
The EQ-360 Environment will be conducive to multiple streams of income.

  • Memberships – a low, 1-time, lifetime fee to join the EQ4Peace family
  • Memberships – various levels of on-going, monthly fees for advanced services, supported by peers and pros
  • Sales of EQ4Peace-developed Products and Services
  • Affiliate Sales – where we market others’ products for a percentage, and others market our products and services for a percentage
  • Advertising – on the site, in newsletters and online
  • Donations and Crowd Funding
  • Grants and Foundations

Quantifiable Goals
Overall 3-Year Goals (#’s TBD)
By 12/31/2025, the Global Peace Index will increase, rather than decrease, at least # points and social dysfunction indicators decrease at least %, cumulatively!

Overview of Company Objectives

  • Governance and Operations
  • Current State
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Funding
  • Income Streams
  • Quantifiable Goals
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Strategic Engagements: Outreach 360

Top-Down Goals Outreach impact, with signed MoUs

  • #/% of countries
  • #/% of universities
  • #/% top companies
  • #/% of top social orgs
  • #/% of educational non-profits

Bottom-Up Goals

  • # Students graduated
  • # Teachers trained
  • # Classes taught all/partial EQ/Peace
  • # Volunteers: enrolled and trained
  • # Improved pre- and post-class Assessment scores

Side-to-Side Goals

  • # Members, # Paid
  • # Partners, with MOUs
  • # Peace Projects Initiated
  • # Impacted

Volunteer Opportunities
One of critical concepts to EQ is to have a noble goal, connecting with others, larger than just you, where you know you are making a difference in the world (validation, belonging, self-value). EQ4Peace will offer numerous ways where people can get involved in collecting, disseminating, producing, and sharing EQ ideas, concepts, and truths with others.

Marketing and Communications

Target markets
The 3 primary areas of life where EQ is used: School, work, and home (and as Dr. Dean Van Leuven taught us, “School, first”). This covers most anyone wishing to learn and practice EQ within themselves and/or for those who wish to spread the good news about EQ to others.

  • teachers, parents, leaders, managers, friends, family, individuals
  • kids, teens, adults, seniors, pre-school to PhD
  • leaders, supervisors, staff, managers, CEOs, janitors
  • singles, couples, teams, groups

Assessment of EQ Education Worldwide
Assess the world’s current level of EQ education
There are only about 200 countries in the world. We need to ‘survey’ each of them to find out:

  1. Do you currently teach EQ/EI/SEL/soft skills/mental health in your country’s public education?
  2. Whether you teach EQ now or not, do you have plans to teach EQ in the future, in your country?
  3. What do you need to expand or enhance your EQ and Peace education?

Coaching and Consulting Services
Peace program consultants (PPCs): hire, train, orient, and manage staff to work with organizations and individuals to determine their next steps in expanding EQ education, and to guide, suggest, assist and/or provide resources to help them achieve their goals. Reach out to large top-down ‘clients’ to expand their level of EQ education.

PPCs – Peace Program Consultants

  1. Country Governments – Departments/Ministers of Education
    Work with the highest ranked countries, first.
  2. School Districts and Private School Organizations
  3. Universities, Colleges, Schools, Teachers
  4. Fortune 1000 Companies
  5. Educational Non-profits, NGOs, Service Organizations (Shriners, Rotary, et. al.)
  6. UN, UNESCO and UNICEF re: SDGs and beyond
  7. Evidence-based conferences, studies, research, professional papers

Independent contractors (1099s). On commission by MOUs.
No charge to clients for their work.

EQ-360 Environment
Design and build a powerful, multi-tiered, emotionally safe, peace-informed, non-violent, solution-centered, (mostly) online, on-going ‘EQ-360 Environment’.
Even for those lucky enough to get an entire year of EQ-specific training, EQ doesn’t end or stop, and you cannot possibly know all there is to know about EQ (it’s simple, but there are many facets, skills, and nuances to it). There is a science to EQ, and an art to EQ, and together they comprise the ‘magic’ of EQ. People will need an on-going EQ environment, where they can learn more, connect with others, and share what they’ve learned about EQ. Therefore, we’ll need to design and build 3 major components:

  1. EQ Community – a safe, supportive, teaching, modeling on/offline community to learn/build/share EQ, including lucrative membership-based offerings
    Mentoring, EQ buddies, free and fee-based membership support groups, tips -n- tricks, quotes, concepts, videos, humour, EQ healing
    Peace projects
  2. EQ Database – a worldwide, searchable repository of people, places, and things about EQ.  A user-editable (“what do you do/where do you go 2GetHelp with yourself, your relationships, and your life?”)
  3. EQ University – Provide a wide range of EQ-friendly classes, workshops, and certifications, mostly online, but also partner with brick-and-mortar schools to
    Some content and curricula will be developed by us. Mostly by others. The basic courses will be free, higher-level, and drill-down courses will have a fee.

Strategic Engagements: Outreach 360
Outreach 360 Strategies: Top-down, bottom-up and side-to-side

Leveraging technology, social media and targeted outreach, reach out to all the top country government organizations (~200), all school districts (~40,000), all universities (~3,000 USA, ~28,000 worldwide), all the largest social organizations (~1,200), all educational non-profits in USA, India and Nepal, and all the largest companies (Fortune 5,000) to introduce them to EQ, and offer services to expand and enhance EQ education within their ranks.

Work with in-bound callers: document needs and findings, little/no outreach, establish best practices, help them however I/we can (currently working with 10 people in 5 countries)

Collect the latest EQ and Peace-related scientific research, papers, and studies, publish original works, and figure out how they can be applied.

Strategic Engagements: Partner with UN/UNESCO/UNICEF, USAID, 6 Seconds, Universities and other EQ and Peace-oriented leaders, teachers, developers, social organizations, transformational leaders in the emotional literacy / personal growth realm. (5 MOUs currently in place)
Industry Leadership: Establish best practices, ethics, tips -n- tricks

We have been able to teach over 10,000 7th grade to college-level students EQ face-to-face, using the LWA curriculum. The LWA student and teacher manuals have been translated into 7 languages, including the top 4 in the world — English, Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin, Nepali, Telugu, and Braille (English). The bottom-up strategy is to create curriculum and resources to teach kids, teens and individuals, who can bring homework, assignments, and peace projects to do with/interview/ask/connect with their parents, siblings, and others in a way that gets them involved. Once parents are introduced/involved, they can feed EQ back to their kids, talk to their children’s teachers about it, bring it in their marriage/family, and generally use EQ in their lives.
Initiate individual and group local/national/international ‘Peace Projects’. Peace Projects become an action item/assignment during/after EQ courses.

Build on-going, emotionally-instructive, yet emotionally-safe community online, on social media and in-person, for EQers to model, share, practice, connect with, support, and learn from each other. Goal: Someone will always be there for you when/if you need them, 24x7x365 — “Don’t ever feel alone, again.”
Train peers and pros to ‘Listen with SOUL’ (SOUL = Stop, Open-Up and Listen)

Join in spreading the good news by sharing your knowledge of EQ with at least 1 other person — any other person — to create a safer, saner world for ourselves, our children, and our future generations. People Helping People.
We will provide resources, reading materials, support, guidance and more for people to use to introduce others to EQ. Create and attend conferences, publish written works/research/studies/statistics/trends, collect videos, create ads, etc. to actively invite/teach/enhance/grow EQ education, as well as to encourage others to Share what they have learned about EQ with others.

Education and Training

Teacher Education
Train teachers how to teach emotional education (EQ) and Peace education.
No charge to the school or the teachers. Certification included.
Currently, we offer training on our LWA curriculum, 60+ teachers have been trained, to date. Widen and deepen our offerings.
Nepal calls them TOTs = Training of Teachers. At the last one, a few months ago, they had 4 PhD University professors, plus the head of UNESCO Nepal, personally train 34 teachers. Within a month, 30 of them were in front of over 1,000 children, complete with textbooks, teacher manuals, pre- and post- assessments, mid-term and final tests and graduation diplomas.

EQ and Peace Education Resources
Collect and/or develop a complete ‘curricula resource bank’ (pre-school thru PhD): full-class curriculum/textbooks/teacher manuals/workbooks/teacher training, in-class activities and board work, books, journals, tips -n- tricks, concepts, lessons, homework, exercises, best practices, and other EQ (and peace)-friendly resources. Experience has taught us that it is more difficult and expensive to add ‘full-time’ EQ classes to a school schedule (although this has been accomplished in 60+ schools in Nepal and India). Therefore, it is critical that we also offer resources that teachers can use to include EQ-friendly ‘snippets’ in their regular class curriculum.

Direct Education

  • Train people in EQ and Peace education. We have begun designing and creating Peace-101 – Taking Control of your Thoughts, Feelings, Happiness, and Success.
    We’ll create basic courses in each of the disciplines:
  • Peace-101 – Inner Peace (me, I, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-management, emotional literacy, AAA, EMFB)
  • Peace-201 – Interpersonal peace (we, relationships, empathy, communication skills, boundaries, compassion, SOUL)
  • Peace-301 – Social peace (us, family, friends, teams, work, sports, business, government)
  • Peace-401 – Leadership (success, teacher training, train the trainers, coaching, mentoring, management, public speaking, making things happen, noble goals, global impact)

We will collaborate with other providers to offer specialized training on each level (EQ-100s, EQ-200s, EQ-300s, etc.) including online content, recommended reading materials, support groups, and more. Most of these will be affiliate-based, where everyone profits.

3 Steps to EQ
1. Awareness – we cannot do anything until we are aware
2. Acceptance – we can fight it, or deny it, but we have thoughts, and we have feelings, every second of every day for the rest of our days (24x7x365), so we’d better get good at handling them.
3. Action (or no Action) – once we are aware, and accept what is, we can consciously decide to action, or not. No action is often a good choice when it comes to strong feelings and emotions.

Emotional Responsibility (ER)
After being introduced to EQ (awareness), the first big leap is to accept Emotional Responsibility (ER) for ourselves and our lives. ER is basic mindset change where we accept responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. No matter what is happening outside of us, we are 100% responsible for our thoughts and feelings that happen inside of us, thus giving us the power to control our own experience, attitudes, beliefs, values, mental health, and physical lives.

Adopting ER leads to personal power, individual success, positive relationships, exemplary outcomes, and good mental health. Denying ER leads to a powerless life as a whiner, blamer, victim.

EQ Leads to World Peace

EQ –> ER –> PR –> SR1 –> SR2 –> WP

  • EQ teaches ER, emotional responsibility. To take control of my life, I must take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • ER leads to PR, personal responsibility. To have good thoughts and feelings, I need to take charge of myself and my life, handle my business, earn a living, pay my bills, contribute, connect, and grow.
  • PR leads to SR1, social responsibility. Good guy, give, help, have noble goals, pitch-in, take care of the planet, give a damn, be kind, reach out, don’t have wars.
  • Enough of us are aware of EQ, it is creating SR2, social reform. New laws are being passed, schools and universities are eagerly adding EQ to their class schedules and hundreds of studies are showing the positive impact of EQ.
  • Social reform can ultimately lead to global peace between nations.

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