Service is Just

People are sometimes under the impression that if they perform a service they will feel drained, have less energy and capacity to meet their own needs and duties. In practice this is found to be untrue.

First you have to “show up”. Then you need to “give up your own agenda”.

Next you must pay attention to the task…

Pretty soon, the job becomes rather engaged … as the eye watches the hand, or you attend to the sound where the instrument meets the surface… finer levels of efficiency and dexterity evolve, the elements at play reveal themselves, textures, weights, scents and sounds ripple through your awareness. You may find that for a moment or two the mind has stopped chattering and you were just there, present and easily moving along with a calm equanimity. When you are called to break you may feel a little tug to continue. Instead of less energy, the being finds it has experienced a moment of stress-less activity and joy. In place from our usual doleful attitude, we find ourselves connected to the group, curious about life and energized.

The road to daily happiness is not hard to find, it’s what we do for others that brings peace of mind.

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