EQ4Peace Values Statement

EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc.

Valuing Social Emotional Learning  as an Essential Pathway to a World in Harmony

EQ4Peace Worldwide stands for the fundamental acceptance that the practice of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an undeniable link to an individual’s, communities’, and societies’ ability to live and thrive in peace and harmony.

EQ4Peace recognizes PEACE as an outcome of thoughts, feelings and actions of the head and heart with the resulting message being one of kindness, empathy, compassion, appreciation and care with an openness to collaboration. This is achieved by embracing a life of self-awareness & self-management, conscious relationship management and responsible decision-making.

Peaceful Action

A peaceful person consciously becomes knowledgeable, skillful and competent in order to live at peace with themselves, and moves with an intent of compassion, understanding and the underlying belief that harmonious and supportive interactions are at the heart of authentic relationships. The peaceful person acts with the confidence that behaving in this way leads to the mutual acknowledgement of legitimate differences resulting in trusting, lasting relationships.  These conditions co-create the greatest possibilities of acceptance of our common bonds and peaceful management and resolution of conflicts that arise out of the complex and constant changes that our world serves up to us.  

That state of mindfulness, compassion and empathy required to consistently act with peaceful intent is achievable through the learnable competencies and skills associated with SEL and emotional intelligence (EQ).

A peaceful person is the atom of a peaceful community which is the essential molecule of a peaceful society.  EQ4Peace is highly aware of the myriad and daunting challenges and impediments to peace at the community, nation and global level. It has chosen to ally with organizations that have as their charter to take on these challenges while EQ4Peace provides unrelenting focus on individual development of SEL. 

EQ4Peace would like to invite you to create peace in your life, your family and your world, engaging yourself and others toward peace. The hope of emergent peaceful generations lies within our vision and grasp. It is our goal to be a force to bring this into being. The time is now!

Version date: March 8, 2021

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