As liberty entails human rights the world has seen gradual Movement of regional human liberties or human rights arrangements. In December 10, 1948 The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or what I referred to Human Liberty followed by the creation of many regional statues that discuss concerns of particular significance in the regional framework. Three World regions namely: Africa, Europe and the Americas, have forwarded their respective regional instruments along with the supervisory system such as commissions and Courts.

However, African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Liberties, with its specification on group rights and peoples’ responsibilities challenges the Western Liberal system of liberties, as puts in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(Human Liberties).The cultural and religious differences brings to the front not only the pressure between people and group rights but also the query as to whether of the universalism of human liberties is possible.

This assignment tends to figure out Liberty system in Africa, its challenges or problems and proffer solutions to its long decades of the above scenarios sighted, as its further examines the content and substance of Liberty norms of the Africa system with a perspective to analyze and answer the above highlighted questions. The main focus on this is, the Liberty system in Africa is rather weak and therefore needs to be reformed. The Africa Liberty system faces lot of common and particular challenges. Prospectively, Africa Liberty System is going through a tremendous and interesting phase. These challenges are not insurmountable.

Africa Liberty System

The phrase’ African Liberty systems’ refers to the regional status of norms values and Institutions for implementing human and peoples’ liberties in Africa. However, in the most common language, when people talk about the Africa Liberty system, attention goes direct on the African Charter and the African Commission. A closer look at the African political settings and landscape shows that African Liberty systems comprises much more than the Africa Charter and African Commission. Tracing back ‘ the true origins of the pan- continental Liberty system in Africa dated back to 1969 when the Organization if African Unity adopted its convention Governing the particular Aspect of Refugee Problems in Africa. This is true as far as it connects to the adoption of human rights treaties within the Organization of African Unity(OAU). largely the entire fight for independence and the struggle against apartheid and colonialism were focused at shaping and branding Africa Liberty Systems. The safeguarding of human liberties in Africa therefore has a wide and complex past that is embodied in the history, culture, consciousness of its people and the continent’s political system.

The African Liberty Systems is based on a number of treaties: African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Convention On Specific of the Refugee Problem in Africa, the Africa Charter on the Right and Welfare of the Child, the Protocol on the African Charter on Rights of Women in Africa. Two other treaties dealing with environmental, although not from a human liberties or rights angle, enlisted by some scholars among the norms and values informing the African Liberty Systems.

Problems on Africa Liberty systems.

The African Liberty systems continues to many complex challenges from different issues of governance, poor socioeconomic development within its borders to growing terror from extremist. Given this pretext, Africa’ s own insecurity is a sensitive and serving source of concern for not only universal community but African leaders. This is growing concern is one the main contributing factors behind the ‘ African solution to African problems’, a saying that has become the boast of the continent as well as way to show case that Africa has both the capacity and determination to solve her own plights any without any foreign intervention. Prior it formation the African Liberty systems has lot problems namely:

● Lack of Independent Justice system

● Lack of Professionalism

● Lack of Resources

● Remedies and Enforcement

● Dependence on Political system.

The solution of African Liberty systems has become a convincing maxim ir slogan of the African Union. (AU). It is an emotive ,political charged call the means to resonate equally with government and civil group on the Africa continent. African solution to African Liberty problems appears to be a beginning of Africa’s determination to settle or solve her own liberty problems and leave the picture of a lastly troubled system behind. Africa, with its combination of fragile government systems and infrastructures gripped with abject poverty amid the natural endowments a legacy of incessant violent conflict increases become influxes into universal security foundation with its failed and failing states due to liberty systems in various Africa countries. As stated, the sole aim of the AU as successor of OAU as set out in its 2000 Constitutive Act (CAAC), was to strengthen primarily Liberty systems in Africa. Raising the bar above highlighting the problems in Africa. A clear cut should be among the governmental bodies especially the three arms of government must be spelt to its personal and politicians must hands-off the appointment of justice system.

Sierra Leone as a Case Study.

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. The Capital city is Freetown. Sierra Leone was a constitutional democracy. She experienced brutal rebel war which causes can be traced to destruction and perversion of every state Institution. Parliament was undermined judges were bribed, and the treasury was in red. Widespread and unchecked corruption and total economic collapse. By 1991 she ranked as one the poorest in countries in the world, even though it has ample natural resources. The crux of the rebel war was linked to the freedom it’s people which has to do with peoples’ liberty which their grievances were expressed through war.

Samuel Bungi Kargbo,


Sierra Leone,

West Africa.

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