Information Overload


Information Overload:

Creativity depends on having space in your mind to generate associations, connections, and seeds for growing a concept. I think trying to “keep up” with the number of details in the news and tidbits about friends and family is taxing the brain.

As an experiment, I have tried to limit the time I spend hunting for trivia, by not using my phone from 9 pm to 9 am.   I am failing a lot.   When I wake up at 3 am. the cell phone, that tantalizing gadget is on the couch. It holds both intrigue and frustration.  I think I’ll check my email for a friend’s reply, but a story pops up that I could, but don’t, resist. Soon I’ve wasted four minutes, that’s followed up with a dose of news and another “You won’t believe.”  All that information is creating a fog, mind chatter that isn’t useful.  My mind is too muddy to do anything useful. I keep dozing of

My spiritual advisor told me  “Don’t try to figure things out right now.

The implication being that the confluence fortune and folly in my life,  had too many variables to control and make a plan.
“Just be present,” he said.
Yes, I remembered, “Everything comes from Stillness.”
We need quiet: We need emotional and physical rest. We need silence.

Waiting is not a Waste of Time.


Lee Guerette

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