We have joined with the EQ Dude

Exciting times in the Life of WELL (Now: EQ4Peace). We have joined with the EQ Dude (Matt Perelstein) and he is our new leader. He has the skills, energy and enthusiasm to bring EQ training to the world. All this just as I am getting ready for my trip to Asia.

We are going to do a one day workshop on our “Life Without Anger” Educational Program at the National Association of Psychology – India annual conference on October 26th, 2019. Our leaders in Nepal will be there to help present the workshop. Also planning to meet with new groups in Mumbai and do a workshop at Amity College in India.

And some really exciting news to me is that we are going to Bangladesh to start a program in several colleges there with the help of Dr. Khalid. Then at the 8th annual “World Without Anger” conference in Nepal, I will get to present the 3rd annual Dean of International Peace Prize.

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