EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc.

“Cultivating inner peace, interpersonal peace and
social peace through emotional education (EQ)”

EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc.


EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. has very big plans, and a very big mission.

The mission of EQ4Peace is to provide models, methods and materials to instill emotional intelligence (EQ) education in all countries worldwide, to educate and inspire personal inner peace, leading to sustainable world peace.

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Volunteer to help bring Emotional Education to the World

THANK YOU very much for being willing to make a difference in our world!  As you may have realized by now, EQ/EI training and education is probably the most powerful and effective way we can help kids/teens/adults/the world, in both our current and future generations!

To get started, please complete the following EQ4Peace Volunteer Form

Overview of EQ4Peace

For an overview of EQ4Peace, and our plans and goals, please view the following presentation

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