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Cultivating inner peace, interpersonal peace and global peace through emotional education (EQ).

  • Recommended EQ/EI Articles by Harvey Deutschendorf
    Harvey is an emotional intelligence expert, speaker, trainer and internationally published author of THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. He also writes for FAST COMPANY and has a monthly column with HR PROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE. Harvey is a TEDx Speaker with TEDx Beacon Street, Boston. In 2015, Harvey was recognized by TRUST ACROSS AMERICA as one of the top THOUGHT LEADERS IN TRUST. Harvey has overcome major obstacles to get where he is in life. His passion clearly comes across as he inspires audiences with his stories. More than just studying the topics he […]
  • Service is Just
    People are sometimes under the impression that if they perform a service they will feel drained, have less energy and capacity to meet their own needs and duties. In practice this is found to be untrue. First you have to “show up”. Then you need to […]
  • EQ4Peace Values Statement
    EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. Valuing Social Emotional Learning  as an Essential Pathway to a World in Harmony EQ4Peace Worldwide stands for the fundamental acceptance that the practice of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an undeniable link to an […]

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