Time is drawing close and I have ticket to India and Nepal with side trip to Bangladesh. Will arrive in India for National Association of Psychology- India’s Wellness Psychology Conference in Chandigarh on Oct. 26 to 28, where in conjunction with our trainers from Nepal, DM Basnet & Dr. MP Regmi. we will present the first Life Without Training program in India (the first of many more to come). We will also meet with leaders in the business EQ (EI) training programs in India. I will then be going to Andhra University, India where I will present a training program on emotional skills for Indian students who are coming to this country to study and receive a special award for my work in Emotional Intelligence writing & training.
I will then go to Dhaka, Bangladesh to work with Dr. Mohammed Khalid to present the first of our training programs in Bangladesh and at the college level. Then back to Amity College in Jaipur, India where I will present a series of workshops on Emotional Skills training and get some precious time to interact with students.
And finally on to Kathmandu to attend our 8th Annual World Without Anger Conference, work on the expansion of our program there to the national level, and meet with UNESCO and the Nepal Ministry of Education to work on future programs. Then home at last, all in a 30 day period. My 85 year old bones will get a full workout, but we will be making a great advances in our EQ4Peace (formerlly WELL and WWA) program. So I will be excited at this great opportunity and have the extra energy to carry through.