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The mission of EQ4Peace is to expand emotional intelligence (EQ), social-emotional learning (SEL) and peace education (PE) worldwide, teaching inner peace, interpersonal peace and social peace, toward an ultimate goal of achieving world peace.

Toward that end, we will strive to accomplish the following:

  • EQ Knowledge and Understanding
    • EQ/SEL Training and Education — EQ4Peace will find or create the best and latest in EQ/SEL teachings to teachers, parents, individuals, teams, businesses. Specialized programs will be available for youth, incarcerated, mental health, veterans, etc.
    • Peace Education — EQ and SEL are the tools, but Peace is the goal/objective. Peace is a step beyond EQ. Very little peace education curriculum exists (started by Maria Montessori). If people do not know peace — have never felt, or experienced peace, how can they create it in their lives? We will bring together the very best minds, and hearts, to find out what works, and share it with others. Develop the discipline, find out what works and what doesn’t, and create, and continuously update, our own curriculum.
    • Research — Maintain, collect and sponsor research studies and cutting edge information, best practices, tips and tricks, ethics, industry standards, character development – Sustain an ongoing body of academic research and peer-reviewed journal publications focused on emotional education and application in individuals, education and business.
    • Resources — Collect and provide an extensive clearinghouse database of “all things EQ”, including the latest in educational resources, curriculum, assessments, textbooks, trainings, conferences, administrative systems and grants to support international initiatives and develop a worldwide online/in-person community network for teachers, parents and bosses.
    • Leadership & Expertise — With 33 years of experience in a 25 year old field, and a network of professionals, authors, PhDs, and teachers, we will continue to provide both curated and original content, concepts and skills for leading the industry toward understanding, documenting, managing and sharing EQ.
    • Volunteerism — Enlist and equip volunteers to help in many ways at various levels. We currently have over 40 volunteers, from multiple countries, actively encouraging EQ/SEL, not in our way, but in their way. The attitude is that if you wish to help spread EQ, find what means the most to you, and pursue your goals in a way that helps others, as well. In addition, EQ teaches that having an open, giving heart can be one of the best feelings known to wo/man. #HelpPeopleHelpPeople | #Give2Live.
    • Each-1-Teach-1-EQ Initiative — It is our belief that those of us who know EQ have a responsibility to teach those who do not know, so we suggest EQers commit to teaching at least 1 other person EQ (anyone, really) sometime in their lifetime. EQ4Peace will provide the steps, instructions, concepts, quotes, memes, etc, for free, to help. “You bring the love, we’ll show you how.”
  • Impact and Outreach
    • Direct Outreach — Reach-out to individuals, schools and businesses to introduce them to emotional intelligence, help them develop the language, skills and competencies required to incorporate EQ into their daily lives and to elicit help in furthering our message to others, in both one-to-one and one-to-many relationships.
    • Partnering/Joint Ventures — Align with and leverage partnering opportunities with relevant academic, institutional, scientific and diplomatic organizations and agencies that support and establish enhanced education toward peace (ex: 6 Seconds, WWA and the Learning Curve Foundation).
    • Top-down Strategy
      • At the highest levels, we will select and train regional Peace Program Consultants (PPCs) to connect, collaborate and contract with universities, governments, school districts and large businesses to encourage adding, or enhancing, emotional education, geared toward peace initiatives. Our intention is to contact every country, every district, every university and every school.
      • United Nations Efforts — Align our services with 4 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and continue working with UNICEF and UNESCO to effect change on an international scale.
        SDG #3 – Good Health and Well-being (home)
        SDG #4 – Quality Education (school)
        SDG #8 – Decent work and economic growth (work)
        SDG #16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (peace)
    • Side-by-Side Strategy
      • An always-on EQ Family social media community platform for teachers, students and businesses. The site will provide support and connection between people and programs, including a searchable and user-editable EQ Resource Database, various income-generating membership plans and levels, and an EQ University training area built on existing Integrated Learned Environment (ILE) software.
    • EQ-360 Environment — Design, build and sustain a powerful, safe, carefully monitored emotion-friendly site where someone will “be there for you”, 24x7x365.
      • EQ Family Site: A class in EQ/SEL can be a life-changer, but EQ never stops, so we need a place where we can continue to belong, practice, connect, learn and grow, together.
      • EQ Database: A clearinghouse of “all things EQ”, this resource database will be searchable, user-editable, solution-based tool to explore, ask, browse, learn, evaluate and share.
      • EQ University: Offering classes, training and workshops for EQ skills, language, concepts and competencies, at all levels Preschool to PhD. EQ is not rocket science, it’s pretty simple to understand, but there is a lot to it, so many course offerings will be made available. Introductory classes at each level will be free, while advanced classes may require a fee.
        EQ-101: me, EQ-201: we, EQ-301: us, EQ-401: teams, EQ-501: leadership, etc.
    • Bottom-up Strategy
      • Studies show that the most effective way to present curriculum is to use the Engage-Activate-Reflect methodology, so our current and future lesson designs will incorporate this format. In addition, lessons and especially homework, will seek to involve the student’s parents, siblings and friends, to elicit maximum exposure and family involvement.
        Teacher –> Students –> Siblings –> Parents –> Schools
  • Mental Health
    • Emotional Healing — After 3 decades of teaching intensive emotional breakthrough workshops in the Western United States, we have been able to help people ‘process’ their negative core ‘inner child’ emotions and transform their trauma into positives. “Negative feelings, expressed as intensely as they are felt in the body, will reduce in intensity and are free to change” ~ Myron Doc Downing, PhD, founder of CABT. #FeelIt2HealIt
    • ACEs: Adverse Childhood Experiences — Continue to discover how to break the link between emotional trauma as a child leading to severe physical problems as an adult.
    • Emergency Services — Emotional First Aid will be offered, including an Emergency Room (crisis intervention), Intensive Care (suicide watches), Surgery/OR (cutting out severe, unhealthy TFAs), Hospice (terminal), Lab (assessment & testing), Recovery (journalling, meditation, yoga, buddy system), Case Workers (trained peers), Doctors (PhDs, therapists, experts), Nursing (coaches)

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