EQ Teacher Training – “Life Without Anger” Curriculum

Thirty-four teachers were trained on EQ4Peace’s ‘Life Without Anger’ curriculum in Nepal, so now 28 new schools in and around Kathmandu are teaching EQ, to almost 1,000 more 7th – 8th grade kids! Special thanks to our program coordinator: – Dess Mardan Basnet (DM) of World Without Anger, Nepal To our instructors:– Dr. Shishir Subba, […]

Will arrive in India for National Association of Psychology

Time is drawing close and I have ticket to India and Nepal with side trip to Bangladesh. Will arrive in India for National Association of Psychology- India’s Wellness Psychology Conference in Chandigarh on Oct. 26 to 28, where in conjunction with our trainers from Nepal, DM Basnet & Dr. MP Regmi. we will present the […]

Nepal’s Ministry of Education/UNESCO’s official endorsement

Nepal’s Ministry of Education/UNESCO‘s official endorsement for our managing partner, World Without Anger(WWA) and our EQ educational curriculum. Congratulations were offered to Dean Van Leuven” as a “pioneer step in direction” to “engage for broadcasting non-violence, knowledge, love and peace into life style” for the objective of “schools and campuses”.

Our Mission

Our mission at EQ4Peace.org to teach the world Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is aligned with UNESCO‘s Education for Global Peace Sustainability. http://www.ippanetwork.org/…/unesco-chair-on-education-for…/ “… to optimize positive peace, and prevent conflicts, we need something vital in our individual and collective lives: education. Educating for peace as recently addressed by A. Guterres, in the United Nations Human RightsGeneral Assembly high-level dialogue, in […]


We’re working on a Mission Statement for EQ4Peace. How does this sound? EQ4PEACE MISSION STATEMENT (draft): We can improve, enhance and expand Emotional Intelligence Education (EQ) throughout the world… to impact kids, teens and adults in all 200+ countries… by teaching them inner peace, interpersonal peace and social peace. Therefore, our mission is to ultimately […]

This picture is a GREAT representation of what we teach with EQ! :)

This is a great picture of EQ! It shows the many (often conflicting, sometimes negative) Thoughts and Feelings INSIDE of us, and our (#PurposefullyPositive) Actions and Behaviours that we show/do/say OUTSIDE of us. The GOOD NEWS is that, with EQ, we get to enjoy/learn from/manage/change our Thoughts and Feelings (to improve our inner world, happiness, […]

Peace through Emotional Literacy and Wellness Psychology

“Global Peace through Emotional Literacy, Wellness Psychology of Workplace Behavior, and Effective People Management” Join us at the 8th Annual EQ Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nov. 28, 2018. http://www.worldwithoutanger.org/2018/02/22/8th-international-conference-peace-movement-through-emotional-literacy-wellness-psychology-of-workplace-behavior-and-effective-people-management/ WED, NOV 28 AT 8 AM UTC+06 Peace through Emotional Literacy and Wellness Psychology

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – the ability to understand others’ feelings, as well as our own, so that we can better manage our emotions, our reactions, and our ability to respond to others in a healthy and productive way – regardless of our emotional state. Here are 20 signs that you are Emotionally Intelligent. https://blog.hubspot.com/…/signs-youre-emotionally-intellig…